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The purchase of cutting equipment is a considered long lasting investment, irrespective of the type of cutting technology used, they all share one common factor: They have to be maintained.
It is important that the equipment is serviced and maintained on a regular basis in order to keep it in tip top condition, equipment that is neglected or poorly maintained might fail in service, leading to costly downtime, repairs, scrappage or even personal injury.


EX-TRAFIRE® systems are robust and easy to maintain.

Checks prior to use
Prior to every use, check as a minimum the following: The system is not connected to the mains power supply and is in the "OFF" state. Inspect the power cable, torch, lead and return cable condition for cuts, breaks or other damage.
Check the torch safety trigger, ensure that the consumables are correctly installed and not worn out, remove any debris that may have stick between the shield and nozzle. The torch O-ring should not be dry, apply a thin coat of silicone grease. Connect the system to the power supply, back-off the pressure on the regulator, connect the air line, switch the system to the "ON" state, allow the system to run the diagnostic check, increase the air pressure to the desired value, when all checks have been done and any issues have been addressed, proceed with use.

Once a week examine and check the torch, retaining cap, and safety switch pins. Ensure that the LED3 safety indicator is fully functional. It indicates a loose or damaged retaining cap.

Every 3 months (dependent upon use and environmental conditions)
Clean the dust from inside of the power supply use clean dry compressed air. It is advisable to perform a full examination of the torch. Check the torch trigger safety mechanism for free movement, any signs of cracking in the torch body or exposed wires.*

Every 6 months (dependent upon use and environmental conditions)
Use a vacuum cleaner and/or clean dry compressed air on the inside of the power supply (standard compressor with max. pressure up to 10 Bar). Ensure that the power supply is disconnected from the input power prior to removing the cover.*

If upon inspection any damage is found do the following: Mains power lead/plug, torch, torch lead, airline hose, connectors, or filter components. Access the damage, repair or replace as necessary. Do not operate the system until fully compliant.

Yearly (dependent upon use and environmental conditions)
We strongly recommend doing the safety test based on VDE 0105-100.

Purging/draining the built-in filter
EX-TRAFIRE® power supplies are equipped with a built-in float type auto drain filter.

*When cleaning the power supply using compressed air, it is advisable to take precautions for exposure to dust and contaminants. Take care of yourself, work colleagues and the environment. Wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as required by local law.