Part 3 - EX-TRABEAM®

In order to achieve the best cutting results with the EX-TRABEAM® laser cutting heads, cleaning and regular maintenance are the top priority. The reward for regular service and maintenance of the EX-TRABEAM® laser cutting heads is reflected in cutting performance, reliability, and cost effectiveness. Read on and learn how to take care of the EX-TRABEAM®.


The following steps are necessary to achieve the best results with your cutting head.

After 8 hours of continuous cutting, visually check the condition of the nozzle and ceramic, clean both parts. After 24 hours, check and clean the nozzle, ceramic and the sensor insert. When needed change any damaged or worn parts.

Once a week check the process cover slide, that are most exposed to a dirt, fumes, smoke, and debris. In a contaminant free work area, clean the cover slide using the recommended liquid solution *Methanol. If the cover slide can no longer be cleaned or is found to be damaged, it must be replaced. Check the distance between the nozzle and the worksheet, if there is a discrepancy between the measured distance and the sensor unit display, recalibration of the cutting head will be necessary.

Regularly clean the external surfaces of the cutting head. Inspect all gas, compressed air and water connections. Check cable connections, including the laser cable.

*Methanol is safe to use when handled correctly, following the manufacturers guidelines, wear the appropriate personal protective equipment, use in a well-ventilated area.

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