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In this second part of our miniseries about a maintenance, the focus is on a caring for EX-TRACK®CNC portable cutting system. In this article there are tips and advice on how best to maintain the machine to keep it fully workable and safe.

Only regular maintenance helps to prevent unexpected machine failures. These failures are unnecessary and, above all, have a negative economic impact, especially if you don't expect them. They lead to production stoppages, delayed delivery times, loss of customer trust, profit loss and higher repair costs.

The prevention is so easy!


There is a minimum requirement for maintaining the EX-TRACK®CNC system and keeping it in optimum and safe condition. The frequency at which the maintenance schedule is applied is often based on workload and jobsite conditions.

Cleaning the system
Running checks of the systems cleanliness during and after the cutting process is a fundamental requirement. Prior to any cleaning, disconnect the electrical power supply to the system. Check the drive mechanisms for any build-up of debris, dust, scale, or slag. Use a clean cloth or soft brush, clean down the area. Do not use abrasive cleaning tools such as a steel wire brush. This can damage the material surface, making it more prone to contaminants sticking and building up. The track and rack should be constantly monitored for debris build-up. Use a soft brush such as a brass wire, cotton cloth, or clean dry compressed air to remove any contaminants.Lubricants can also be used on the rack, but sparingly as excessive lubricant will attract a contaminant build-up. Keep the system main unit clean, use a soft cotton cloth to wipe down the CNC/operator panel. Ensure that the USB port cover is fully closed when not in use and keep the surrounding area clean.

System lubrication
Before each use of the system, check the lubrication of the drive mechanisms. An indication of excessive wear to the drive mechanism or rack is noted when cut parts display an irregular edge surface.

Drive motor adjustment
After a period of use, it is normal for working parts of the system to show varying degrees of wear. A suitably qualified person can perform adjustments to the drive motors to realign the system and maintain cutting accuracy.

Oxy-fuel nozzle maintenance
It is generally known that the condition of the nozzle affects the cut quality. To clean and maintain the nozzle correctly, remove the nozzle from the torch. Inspect the nozzle for wear, remove any spatter, dross, slag, or soot build-ups. Do not use a steel wire brush and use the supplied nozzle kit to clean the nozzle. Re-fit the nozzle after cleaning, check for leaks and make a short test cut to ensure that the nozzle is cutting true.

*As for all maintenance work, please use the PPE required by local law.

(Personal Protective Equipment)