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Some years ago, the Thermacut® Group decided to develop an "Own Brand" range of products with originality in mind. The Thermacut® design and development teams were set the challenge to create a technically advanced handheld plasma arc torch that is ergonomic, practical, robust and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The plasma arc torch is an essential component of a cutting system and can influence cut quality, speed of cut, consumable lifetime and very importantly the operator´s willingness to use the torch.  

Thermacut design and development teams have excelled in producing a torch that surpasses the criteria of the design brief. FHT-EX® 105TT.

See it, Try it, Own it!

FHT-EX® 105TT Handheld torch  

Looking at the torch handle, it is obvious that the concept is born from creative thinking, many years of trial and testing have been invested into this final design, this is the new FHT-EX® 105TT torch from Thermacut®.

For a torch to surpass the demands of operators and leave them in awe of the ergonomic grip and the aesthetically pleasing form is nothing short of breathtaking. The torch grip gives the operator a positive feeling of being able to safely operate the torch in numerous positions. The design takes into account the different ways in which the torch is held in the hand, the images below show two variants of grip, the most recognisable being the closed palm followed by the thumb on top. There has been a close collaboration between Thermacut® technicians and the specialists from our sister company Abicor Binzel® in the evaluation of the grip quality and torch ergonomics.

Figures 1 and 2 show the grip options, operators and welders were involved in the final assessment of the torch, the feedback was tremendous, the project was given Green Light and so the FHT-EX® 105TT. torch was born.

The time, money and tireless commitment from so many people involved in such an outstanding product needs to be protected from the „almost the same", „looks similar" copyists, therefore Thermacut® has taken the decision to protect its investment with a Registered European Design Patent for the torch handle . Patent number 007959432-0001 has been issued this will serve to protect Thermacut' s investment but equally serve to protect the user in the knowledge that a genuine FHT-EX® 105TT. torch has been built with safety, quality and long service life mind. If it doesn't say Thermacut® on the torch you can't expect the same level of trustworthiness as the genuine product.

FHT-EX® 105TT Handheld torch. Classic grip, Figure1

FHT-EX® 105TT Handheld torch. Grip with the thumb up, Figure 2